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The EV Debate: Common concerns with electric vehicles

August 19, 2021

If you've been shopping for a new car in Shreveport recently, you know that EVs are rapidly growing in popularity. You might even be considering one yourself but have some reservations.

If you're undecided about whether or not you should buy a new electric car, let's look at four common objections to electric SUVs and if the positives of electrification outweigh those objections.

1. Too Expensive

This can pertain to the cost of the car and the electric bill associated with charging it.

Here's the thing though, the EV battery technology has been tested and made mainstream over the last several years, so the price has been dispersed over a wide swath of vehicles.

The same thing is true of your TV. Look at your television and think about how much you paid for it. Now think about how much your TV would cost you today vs. three years ago. Chances are, your television is significantly more affordable because as flat screen, 4K, OLED technology became more abundant, the price went down.

The same thing is happening with the price of electric vehicles for sale. The starting prices are dropping. Just look at the NEW ELECTRIC VOLVO SUVS FOR SALE at Holmes Volvo Cars. And when you throw in the $7,500 tax credit that comes with the purchase of many Shreveport electric vehicles, it's very likely that you're saving money by going electric.

2. Range Is Not Enough

The common objection to EVs is that you can't take a family road trip to the Grand Canyon in an EV because the range is not enough. If this is your objection to buying a new electric car for sale, ask yourself, how often do you drive to the Grand Canyon?

As battery technology improves, so does range capability. If an automobile can take you 200-300 miles on a full battery charge or a full tank of gas, what difference does it make? You're getting the same result.

Then the question becomes, how often do you drive more than 300-miles in a single trip? This is where the rapidly growing EV charging network comes into play. As EVs become more and more popular, the EV charging infrastructure is growing to match it. Charging stations are becoming as commonplace as gas stations.

3. Nowhere To Charge

Perhaps one of the biggest objections to EVs is a lack of charging stations. This is because EVs are new, and, as humans, we naturally fear things that are new because we don't understand them. Our objection isn't a lack of charging options. Our objection comes from a fear of being stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery.

To squash this fear, there is a growing network of charging stations across the country. Also, many employers and businesses now offer EV charging in their parking structures. Many vehicles come with a mobile app for your smartphone that can help you find a place to charge your car while you're exploring new areas. Many of the apps can also tell you if there's an available charging space open, so you don't waste any time.

And lastly, EVs have a power gauge just like your car has a gas gauge. If you can read a gas gauge and keep yourself from running out of gas, you can read a battery gauge and keep yourself from running out of juice.

4. Is the EV Here to Stay?

Many drivers are interested in buying a new electric car but are waiting to see if this whole EV thing will pan out or if it's just a passing fad. The Volvo Electrification Initiative began when Volvo Cars pledged that every new Volvo vehicle would have an electric motor. Their ultimate goal is for all-electric vehicles to make up 50% of their global sales by the year 2025 then be 100% electric by 2030. That's millions of electric cars being produced over the next decade. It seems safe to say that the EV is here to stay.

So, when you consider that EVs now have usable range for day-to-day driving and weekend getaways, affordable prices, easy charging, and Volvo Electrification, there's really no reason not to go green and get into an electric car. Take a look at what Holmes Volvo Cars has to offer.


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