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Reliabiliy Projects

SWEPCO continually identifies projects that will improve the reliability and resiliency of the power grid. Each project is customer-focused and designed to provide a higher level of service through new technology, system upgrades, and innovations to the power grid.

Learn about some of SWEPCO’s current projects in:

Rogers, Ark.

In June 2021, SWEPCO began strengthening the electrical infrastructure on New Hope Road in the Monte Ne area. The project addresses customers’ outage concerns and the additional capacity needed to support future load growth in the area.

The $500,000 investment includes rebuilding a 1.5-mile-long circuit, replacing 41 utility poles and trimming vegetation along the existing right-of-way.

Butler Hill Road (North Bossier Parish, La.)

SWEPCO is upgrading a power line serving Butler Hill Road in Benton, La. The $345,000 investment also includes adding a tie line to Linton Road (a tie line is an interconnection line between two circuits that increases the circuits’ overall reliability). This project addresses power quality issues in a Bossier Parish area experiencing rapid residential growth.

Dixie Gardens Subdivision, La.

SWEPCO will complete a $410,000 project that increases the wire size in the Dixie Gardens Subdivision to allow for greater load capacity. The project also includes adding a tie line (a tie line is an interconnection line between two circuits that increases the circuits’ overall reliability). This work will allow SWEPCO to add Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration (DACR). DACR technology detects a power outage and automatically reroutes power – minimizing the number of customers impacted within minutes. SWEPCO can monitor for potential electrical faults and isolate portions of its network when a fault occurs, strategically rerouting electric loads to available circuits to maintain energy delivery to most customers.

Stonewall, La.

In August 2021, SWEPCO completed a $2 million project to improve electric service for customers in Stonewall’s North Desoto Estates and Collinswood Road areas. The project included replacing 28,000 feet of underground cable, trimming trees and vegetation along 110 miles of power lines serving the area and changing out 62 pad-mounted transformers. Thirty pad-mounted transformers were leveled and cleared of debris.

In 2022, SWEPCO will add new electrical infrastructure to the Stonewall substation. The upgrades will double the capacity of the Stonewall substation, supporting the area’s growth and reliability of electric service.

Winnsboro, Texas

In March 2021, SWEPCO completed the first phase of a project to strengthen the power grid in Winnsboro. SWEPCO replaced more than 20 poles and installed 14,000 feet of new primary wire along West Coke Road, which allowed for a greater load capacity on the circuit.

In October 2021, the final phase of the project will begin along East Coke Road. Similar to the initial phase, it will include changing out multiple poles and cross arms, the support structures on a utility pole used to hold up power lines and other equipment. SWEPCO will remove existing primary and neutral wires and replace them with larger conductors. The phase is anticipated to take six to eight weeks, pending weather or other factors.

Both phases of the project enhance and improve SWEPCO’s ability to provide quality and reliable service to our customers in Winnsboro.

Shamrock, Texas

In May 2021, SWEPCO moved a distribution circuit on an older transmission structure to new distribution structures on the opposite side of Arizona Street in Shamrock. The project required the installation of 41 new poles and 75 new cross arms, the support structures on a utility pole used to hold up power lines and other equipment.

A significant benefit of the project became apparent weeks after its completion when a storm came through the area and damaged 11 of the transmission structures the circuit had been on previously. Had the circuit still been on the transmission structure, outages resulting from the storm would have extended several days.

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